60% of the Moon's polar area has been examined. Chandrayaan-2, in a year we will be able to tell how much water is on the moon: K. Sivan

Chandrayaan-2 Complet One Year. 

Special discussion with ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Sivan, who is completing one year of the Moon Mission, said that there is no launching at present.

Chandrayaan-2 Complete 1 year

Launching of Chandrayaan-2, cash of Vikram Lander ... All these things have completed one year on 22nd July. Now the orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 has covered 60% of the polar area of ​​the moon. According to the data obtained from this, in the next one year, India will be in a position to estimate how much and where there is water on the moon. In a special discussion with Bhaskar, ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Sivn has given a lot of new information. The main part of the conversation with them.

We asked them: Has the orbiter done his job? Ans: An orbiter will currently orbit for many years. The 8 devices in it are performing well. Mineral mapping, lunar surface elevation model work is underway. X-ray spectrometers have sent clear spectral signatures of aluminum and calcium. Signs of ions, magnesium, sodium, titanium, silicon have also been found. But it will take time to determine exactly how much mineral there is.

Question: If the water on the moon was already known, then how can this be considered an achievement? Ans: Dual frequency band Polymetric radar was sent for the first time in Chandrayaan-2. This allows information to be obtained from a depth of four meters from the surface. No one in the world has ever done that. Through data we will be able to estimate in a year how much water there is on the moon. Outside ISRO, more than 60 Indian scientists from at least 40 universities and institutes across the country are working on this.

Question: Has Corona also had an impact on space missions? Answer: The government has asked all departments to reduce our expenditure to 60%. Now no budget can be rejected or scrapped, but priorities have to be set. 

Question: Will the Gaganyan project also be delayed? A: Gaganyan is our priority. Its design work was completed and the lockdown took place. Our activity slowed down. We look forward to seeing you again. Before the first unmanned flight we had to do many tests including engine test. But not a single work could be done, so the first unmanned flight scheduled for December this year has been postponed. The current hope is that we will be able to achieve the goal of the final flight of Gaganyan before August 2022.

इस तरह आज चंद्र यान को 1 साल हो चुका है और हम जल्द ही जान लेंगे कि चंद्र के ध्रुवीय हाथ पर कितना पानी है और कहां पर पानी है वह सब हमें जानकारी मिल जाएगी और यह भारत के लिए एक बहुत गर्व की बात है और हम आगे भी इतनी तरक्की करते रहेंगे और सफल होते रहेंगे

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