Atma's Natural Agriculture Schemes. Indigenous Cow Based Natural Farming Assistance Scheme

Indigenous Cow Based Natural Farming Assistance Scheme

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Scheme to assist a farming family engaged in full natural farming based on indigenous cows in maintenance cost for one cow (2020-21)

Scheme of 75% assistance in natural agriculture kits to good beneficiaries to make them viable through natural agriculture system (2020-21)

* Indigenous Cow Based Natural Farming Assistance Scheme *

Necessary supporting evidence
(1) Copy of Aadhar Card
(2) Copy of ration card
(3) Down of 8-A
(4) Copy of bank passbook
(5) The tag number of the cow
(6) Consent of co-account holder if there is a joint account holder

Natural Farming

Assistance of Rs.900 / - per month (within the annual limit of Rs.10800 / -) for maintenance cost for a cow to a farming family engaged in full natural farming based on native cows.

Natural Farming

Assistance per farmer as per 75% of the cost per pest or whichever is less than Rs.1350 / -

What is natural agriculture?

Nature has created an integrated chain and ecosystem in agricultural culture and this natural system is natural agriculture. Natural agriculture is based on the principle of giving artificial fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, the principle of producing farms without outside farm materials સામગ્રી the principle of producing farms without materials. More info ...

Why natural agriculture?

• Farming costs negligible.
  • Zero cost of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
• Farmers do not need to take anything from outside.
• Very little water requirement.
માં In natural agriculture, soil is rich in earthworms. Which ponds the soil. So that the rain water is recharged, thus the principle of "farm water in the field" is surpassed without any cost.
Natural agricultural products are free from chemical residues and are of high quality so good prices are available in the market.
Maintains and nurtures the environment.
Low cost, high production, excellent quality, good demand, fair price increase the income of farmers.

The four main principles of natural agriculture

• Seed protection - Seed protection through seed culture.
• Coating - more humus gives more fertility.
Dead / Solid Dead - Protection of germs using dung.
• Return - Plants need moisture, not water.

  Desi cow: This agriculture is mainly based on desi cow. 1 gram of dung of native cow contains 200-300 crore microorganisms. While only 78 lakh microorganisms are found in 1 gram of dung of foreign cows. The smell of native cow dung and urine causes the native earthworms to come to the surface of the soil and make the soil productive. Domestic cow dung has 16 main nutrients. These 16 nutrients are useful for the growth of our plants. These 16 nutrients are taken from the soil by plants to build their bodies. These 16 nutrients are made in the intestines of native cows. That is why the native cow is the mainstay of natural agriculture. 

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