Decision to take all university exams in by September.

Decision to take all university exams in by September.


Examinations will be conducted by September for all final year students of the university. A very big decision has been taken by the Central Government that the examinations of all the universities of India which are pending in the final year will have to give the last year's examinations to everyone without giving mass promotion.

In the midst of all these examinations which were earlier canceled in May and now it has been decided to take them in September, the students are getting very annoyed. Have been. The UGC has given a deadline of September 30 for the final year students of each university to take the exam.

The new guideline announced by the UGCA only states that the exam can be taken because of Corona and he has completely rejected the idea of ​​giving mass promotion because of it. The mass promotion among the students regarding the final year examinations has been completely rejected by the guideline and it has been announced that the examinations will be held till September.

The order of the universities should be given to the students who cannot appear for the examination. This way universities can take the exams themselves in different ways. He can take the exams as per the guideline given to the university by UGCA first. A decision has been taken by North Gujarat University in which the examination of every student of their final year will be taken online. Students who do not have internet and mobile facilities will be provided separately by the district and taluka above the college.

He has decided to take 34 exams out of a total of 9 exams in North Gujarat University. This is a very good decision that students can take the exam online unless they leave their home. The growing number of Korona students in Gujarat can be saved through online exams.

Thus different universities are taking those exams through their different method by the college and are preparing to take their exams as there are still a lot of exams left in which they have to complete all the exams from September.

MJMC Sem-4 PGDCA Sem-2 MCA Int Sem-8 3 PGIS Sem-2 MJMC Sem-2 PGDMLT Sem-2 MCA Sem-4 6. 9 MCA Sem-2 MSCIT Sem-6 4. 8. MBA Sem-2 Sp BED Sem-2 BPED Sem-2 MBA Sem 4 Sp. BED Sem-4 BFED Sem-4 10 BBA Sem-6 11 12 15 MHM Sem-2 MED Sem-4 14 17 13 16 18 21 LLB Sem-6 MPED Sem-4 LIM Sem-4 MRS Sem-2 19 MPED Sem-2 20 24 27 23 BSW Sem-6 LLM Sem-2 BRS Sem-6 MHRM Sem-2 MSC Hom Sei Sem-2 22 25 26 MRS Sem-4 28 29 MHRM Sem-4 30 BSC Hom Sem-6 31 32 MSC Hom Sci Sem-4 33 MURP Sem-2 34 BCA Sem-6

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