Best top 5 games for android | top 5 games less then 5MB for android | under 5MB top android games

 Best top 5 games for android under 5MB

               I will give you five games here which are smaller than 5 mb but huge. This game will also pass your timepass and keep your brain active. Today's games are huge. This game is only for Android. I will give you some information about these five games and their names which you can download and watch from Play Store. You can download any good game you like

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1.Knock Down (4.3MB)

                 Knock Down game is a game like Angry Birds game and if you want to experience such a game then this game is very cool.  The graphics of this game are very good even though it is not five MB.  There are a total of 70 levels in this game that you can play with a lot of fun.  And this game is also very smooth in running.  The game is 4.3 MB and has over 5 million downloads.  The game is available in the Play Store which you can download if you wish to download.

2.Moto Hill Racing (5.2MB)

                  This game is a racing game in which you will get first person bike view. And in this game you can select different bikes. And can racing in the game. In the background of which you are arranged in 3D like mountains and natural environment. Is the super motor bike. A speed of 200 kilometers per hour is given. There is also an option like Drift and Boost. So you are a racing maniac I will love this game. This will give you a good timepass.

3.Stack 3D Balls (3.5MB)

                        This game is as simple as it is interesting. In which you can't stop yourself from beating the old score. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Today it is very simple. Its size is 3.5 MB. There are about 10 lakh downloads. Hard levels will come as you play this game. The first level will be very easy. This is an unlimited free app game. Which will give you a good time.

4.Santa Adventure Stunt (3.6MB) 

                        If you like stunt games, you will love this game. This game has a center and it does stunts and in it you will be able to score. You can beat your old score and new score. The size of the game is 3.6 MB. There are about 10000 downloads of this game. Very easy to play. And sound good. This game you may like.

5.Brainilis-Brain Games (5MB)

                          This game is a very good game if you play any other game you can skip it and play the game. This game will help you increase your memory power. And your mind will do the same. There are different tasks in this game that you have to complete and in this you will have to think a little more so your brain will be brighter. The game has more than a million downloads and is five MB in size. In this you have to choose one of the three levels. There will be an easy level, a middle level and a tough level. This game is a good game you can play if you like.

 Each of the above games is free and there is no download charge. Let us know how you like the game by commenting below.