Google photos some tricks and awesome features | know some features about google photos

 Google photos

                Google Photos is an app that comes installed in every mobile from Google which is Android and also comes in some other mobiles. This application does its job just like our gallery app. But there are some special features in this application that you may or may not know, so today we will talk about those features. The tricks and features that come in Google Photos. Both our mobile photos and videos come in Google Photos.

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Face AI System 

             Among the many features of Google Photos, let us first talk about this feature. Which our photos are shown through face. Secondly, you have to search any photo for the answer and if we want to search the photos of the same person in it, then we have to see all the photos one by one but this is not the case in this application. If we want to see the photo of a person in Google Photos, whatever is in our phone, then this is a simple trick for that.

                 In Google Photos, we have to first go to the search. After that some face photos will be visible at the top of the search. We just have to click on the same photos so that you will see all the photos of the person on whose face we will click on that face in our phone. Isn't this a feature of the lotus? So now you don't need to see one photo at a time.

Text feature

                       This feature is similar to the way we have known the face feature above in Google Photos. In this feature, now if we have any document or any paper in which some handwriting is written and we have to find it which is in our photos. So there is no need for us to find him one by one. You can find us very easily through Google Photos. In Google Photos, we have to first click on the search button and after that in the search, we have to search the handwriting of whatever document we have written in the search, so that we write the handwriting in the search, the handwriting that would have been written like this will show us all the photos. Will give

Video Stabilization

                   This amazing feature is more than what we talked about above in Google Photos. Sometimes what happens is that the videos we take from our mobiles. The quality of those videos is not good and there is not much stabilization in those videos and those videos are seen shaking completely. We can do that video stabilization through Google Photos.

                      To do video stabilization in Google Photos, first select that video. As soon as you select this video, who will it be, there will be an option of edit below it. Click on it, there you will press the button of stable edition, if you click on it, then that process will start. And your video stabilization will be done. This is a very cool feature.

 There are more such features of Google Photos which we will keep updating and stay connected with us.