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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Telegram Premium subscription know all features, price and apk

Telegram Premium Subscription : 

               Telegram has brought Telegram Premium subscription for its users. Users will get many different and new features in this subscription. You have to pay money to Telegram to avail the Telegram Premium subscription. In return Telegram will provide you with some conveniences and features.

If there are features i.e. Telegram will have some limited benefits it will make it more, easier and better. Telegram is an app that comes second to WhatsApp in terms of interface of WhatsApp and Telegram. Telegram users are also in millions. How much money you have to pay to get Telegram Premium and all the benefits you will get from it.In this post I will give you information about Telegram Premium subscription details features.

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Telegram Premium Subscription price in india : Rs 179/month

Telegram has priced Rs 179 per month to get Telegram Premium subscription.

Telegram Premium Subscription price in india, Price,

What features are provided in Telegram Premium?

The features that have been added in Telegram Premium are shown one by one. And so that you get better information about some features, we have tried to compare both free and premium and present them in a table.

1. Double Limit :

This first pictures of Telegram Premium in which you will find two more limits in Telegram Premium than Free Telegram which we have shown below through the table.

Feature Free Premium
Groups And Channels 500 1000
Pinned Chats 5 10
Publik Link 10 20
Saved GIFs 200 400
Favorite Stickers 5 10
Bio Characters 70 140
Captions 1024 2048
Folders 100 200
Chats Per Folders 100 200
Connacted Accounts 3 4
Upload Size 2GB 4GB

2. Upload Size :

In Telegram channel group and personal when we send a file to someone, in Free Telegram you can send that file only up to two GB or less. While in its premium plan, you can share large files up to 4 GB.

3. Faster Download Speed :

Earlier, downloading any file like video or document which is very big size takes time and there is a limit of download speed which limit will not be after you take premium subscription, and you will get unlimited download and upload speed.

4. Voice-to-Text Conversion :

In Premium, you can convert voice messages to text if someone sends you a voice message or you send someone a voice message. That is, if you want to see what you will say in text form, you can get it with one click. These features are very good and simple and also very useful.

5. No Ads : 

There is no question of ads in telegram but sometimes you will get rid of all ads in some channels. After taking premium subscription you will not see any kind of ads in telegram.

6. Unique Reaction :

We react to any message in the message which contains different types of emojis. According to telegram premium, different levels of animations and emojis will come which will be 3D and will come with some additions.

7. Animated Emoji : 

When we use emojis in messages, there are normal types of emojis, but after taking the premium, those emojis will now move and simple emojis will be found in animation emojis. The animation emoji will be very cute. Chatting with this emoji will be a different kind of fun.

8. Advanced Chat Management :

In Premium Telegram we can divide chats into different sections and archive them in different places. We can also hide some chats. As we divide each chats section wise it will be very easy to work and same type of chats and groups will be in same section. Which you can customize your way.

9. Profile Badge :

After buying Telegram premium, a Telegram premium badge will appear after your name indicating that you are a premium member of Telegram. And with this badge you get all kinds of Telegram support easily.

10. Animated Profile Picture :

In the profile you can put videos, set a different type of avatar in the profile which will be in the form of animation. Your animation profile will continue even in live chat. Animation profile picture can be kept.

11. Premium App Icons : 

With these features you will be able to change the icon of your telegram which you will be able to use different types of icons provided in telegram. All the i-cons will be premium. This icon will give your application a different look.

 All these features which are mentioned above will be found in Telegram Premium subscription. If you want to take advantage of all these features, you have to join Telegram Premium. Also, I will keep updating any features that will be added to Telegram Premi. All the features mentioned above that you like, comment below and share your review. Should we charge Telegram premium?

Telegram Premium Apk Download : 

You can download the Telegram application from the link given below. Which will give you a discount on taking Telegram Premium and this will be downloaded from the official website of Telegram. Due to which you will benefit from taking Telegram premium subscription

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