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4 Amazing keyboard shortcuts for Windows

             In everyday life we ​​use computers and laptops. In Windows we need some short keys which we also use. Today a little short key that is very cool. And let's talk about how you can have fun. There are a total of four suit keys that we are going to talk about today. And you will find a lot of other interesting information so stay connected with us.

1. Windows + full stop (.)

    This keyboard shortcut is very cool. It's very fun to use and a must-have shortcut. Windows plus Full Stop Pressing these two together will open Emoji and Symbols. This will make it very easy if you want to use emoji or any symbol in the article or anywhere.

 I use the emoji shortcut very often. All types of A to Z emojis and all types of symbols will appear in this shortcut. Let us know by commenting if you like this short cut or not.

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2. Alt+Ctrl+4

                   The shortcut key will automatically type an emoji as soon as you press Alter plus Control plus Four, the rupee symbol will be typed. As we live in India, we sometimes have to type this rupee symbol which we have to do at maximum number of times. For that you can use this simple shortcut key and use it. This shortcut will save you time and you won't need to open the whole emoji. So this was another short cut key which is very useful.

3. Windows+Arrow Key

                           This sort key is very useful. Sometimes we work in multiple windows. And it takes us a lot of time to adjust it. And often we have to keep changing the video by using the mouse. These shortcut keys are when you use Windows Plus Right Side Arrow and Left Side Arrow. Whichever window you have open will be adjusted to the side you press the arrow on and other windows will be adjusted in the opposite direction. Due to which you will be able to work easily in two windows on both sides and your time will be saved a lot.

 Thus this short cut is very useful. And it is very useful for working in multiple windows. You can easily work in two windows on both sides.

4. Windows+number

As all the above three shortcuts are very nice, this one is also very handy and useful shortcut key. In our Windows computer, there are different apps open in the task bar which are very easy shortcut keys for us to open. To open any application that has a number windows plus pressing the button of that number will open that application. Thus, this is a very simple and useful shortcut key.

 I hope you find each shortcut key shown above very good. And if you find it useful in future or anytime, please comment and let us know how you like this shortcut key. And even more shortcut keys I will tell you stay connected with us.