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                There are many incidents in our country in which people die due to lightning falling from the sky. This causes a lot of deaths in our country.

                It has come up with many cases of lightning strikes this year. When lightning strikes, we have no idea where it is, when it will fall, we have no idea when it will fall, so it suddenly falls on anyone and they die.

                  When such cases are coming up, an application has been created by iitm Pune about which he says that through this application you will be able to avoid the onslaught of lightning. This application has been released by the Government of India. People's lives can be saved because of this application. Because of the application, people as well as the government can get information about it and alert everyone.

                  The name of this application is Damini and it  has been released by the Government of India. It has been fully verified and released by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.


              Damini Up is very easy to use, you have to go first and download it from Play Store. After that you will have to open and continue your mobile phone location. Then you have to register in the application so that they can get a lightning alert. To register you have to fill in your name, mobile number, address, pin code and business details and you have to register. This app is very easy to use.


               It will warn you 30 to 40 minutes in advance wherever there is a thunderstorm in an area of ​​30 to 40 kilometers. So you can stay in a safe place and avoid lightning. If there is a danger of more rain and lightning in your area, your application will need to be downloaded.

In this post we learned about Damini, an application that saves us from lightning and warns us before lightning.

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