Instagram reels videos par views or like kaise badhaye | instagram reels se Followers kaise badhaye 2022

 Instagram Reels

                       Instagram's Reels video that is a video of 1 minute or less. Such videos used to come in Tik Tok earlier and when Tiktok came to mind, Instagram brought the features of such video to its Instagram and named it Reels and brought the same features as Tik Tok videos used to come in this heart. Instagram Reels comes with different videos, some videos are about technology, some videos are about education and some videos are made for entertainment. The features of all such videos are called Instagram Reels and today we will tell you about some such things, which can get likes and views in your Instagram Reels.

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Instagram reels videos par views,like or followers kaise badhaye

Nowadays everyone puts their videos on Instagram and reels. But neither views nor likes come on reels, today we will tell you some tips which will help you in like views.

Select your niche

                  Whatever topic you make a video on and the subject of it is called low.  By making video on how party cooler topic your videos will get more views and your views and likes will get more.  Always make original videos on the same topic and make videos on the same topic that suits you in your account.  Therefore, before making a reel, the first thing you will do is to select the topic on which you want to make a video.

Trending topic

            The other thing will be this. Whatever trend is going on on the Instagram page, made a video on that trending topic, so that people will like your video more and will be seen more. By making a video on the trend that is going on, in whichever account your video will be shown, your video will be seen in this account and the effect of your video will be good. Making videos on trending topics will bring you a lot of views.


            You start uploading a video, then keep uploading it in a particular time frame like you upload a video everyday. Then you have to remember this time and you have to upload a video everyday. Due to which your regulation will be good and your videos will be more likely to get likes and views.


                  You have to take special care about this thing. The number of videos may be the same in a day but you have to pay a lot of attention to the quality. It doesn't matter how many videos you upload in a day. But what kind of video do you upload? And how you are paying attention to its quality makes a difference. So you always focus on quality


                   After making a video, keep one thing in mind while uploading it. While uploading the video, keep its title well. Title the thing this video is about. And the special thing is that never forget to put this hashtag. Put the hashtag on the training hashtag. Due to which your videos will be seen more and the more impressions you get, the more views and likes will come.

In this way, by following some of our mentioned tips, you can increase your view likes and follower  and in future we will share more topics with you, stay connected with us.